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Homebuyers and property investors have many options for borrowing money these days. As a mortgage broker, we’re always looking for the best resources for loans. That includes not just mortgages but also private equity.




About our brokerage

Fordy Realty is a full-service Boutique Brokerage, est. 2019, providing Real Estate Consultation/Services and Mortgage Loan Origination Services for Residential properties. Fordy Realty implements the “Four D” principle towards each client – Discuss, Discover, Develop and Deliver to accomplish the goals for clients. 

Fordy Realty is a lifestyle company that is redefining financial literacy for the future generation of brokers, salespersons, investors, and individuals. Fordy Realty takes pride in providing a WORLD CLASS experience for sellers & buyers. Fordy Realty provides competitive rates in loan products secured for clients. 

Fordy Realty caters to investors who are interested in flipping a house for a profit or securing a Commercial property. Fordy Realty project manages the rehab of properties, in order to maximize profits. Additionally, Fordy Realty provides sellers & buyers a robust service to maximize individual real estate transactions. 


We’re financial advisors who want to help the next generation of brokers, salespersons, investors, and individuals redefine financial literacy. As the borrower’s representative, we are working on their behalf. We want to earn your business. We’ll find the best possible rates and loan packages to help you save money. That’s one of the major benefits of using wholesale lenders rather than a retail lender.

A single-institution lender, such as a bank, only offers products from one entity. For years, individuals have been trained to look to their banks for their borrowing needs. Nonetheless, presently, banks provide their own products more often than not, and, on average, they charge higher rates. As a financial institution with access to numerous loan providers, we offer a wide variety of loan products. We work with dozens of loan providers. Sometimes, the same retail lenders offer lower rates go us than they do others.

As your broker, we have access to a network of banks, which allows us to find the best rates for you. We can use other financial institutions to find the best loan package for you if a bank isn’t the optimal solution.

Shopping for mortgages may take days, and comparing them is hard. A common mistake is selecting the wrong type of mortgage; this has serious consequences- thousands of dollars are wasted. Working with a wholesale mortgage broker is the best way to ensure you get the right mortgage for your needs. Our training ensures that you’ll save money.


We enjoy the opportunity to provide a WORLD CLASS service for sellers and buyers. We help investors find high-value homes to flip or Commercial properties to lease. Further Realty project manages properties that are in the process of being rehabbed to maximize profits. We offer a wide range of services for sellers and buyers to maximize their real estate transactions.

Real estate isn’t a one-size-fits-all industry. We think that information about properties, neighborhoods, agents, and brokers should be made freely available to everyone so they can make wise decisions. We’d like to create a real-estate community that connects people, so they can share the process of buying, selling, and financing homes.

As your real estate agent, we can help you take advantage of our services, which will maximize your home’s value. It’s easy to have peace of mind when you work with Fordy Realty. We know your needs and will ensure that you get the best service in the industry. As your agent, we will tirelessly work to find your perfect home. We are knowledgeable, experienced, and well-versed in negotiation techniques to ensure that you maximize the value of your home.

In a tight market or a booming market, we can help you get the best deal for your property. Discover why so many satisfied customers choose Fordy Realty and Mortgage. To have the opportunity to serve you would be an honor and a delight for us!