Lynel Ford

Lynel Ford is the founder of Fordy Realty, a full-service Boutique Brokerage and lifestyle company, that is redefining the financial literacy for the future generation of brokers, salespersons, investors, and business-minded individuals. Fordy Realty is located in Sacramento, California.

Lynel was born and raised in Oakland, California and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, emphasis in Law & Society, from the University of California, Davis. He earned his MBA & MSA from the University of Phoenix. Lynel began his real estate career as the Chief Executive Officer of Project-40Ford LLC., est. 2015, in the Bay Area, where he provided property management services to over 75 Units, including condos, duplexes, and residential homes. Lynel’s portfolio includes flipping over two dozen properties throughout the East Bay, in cities of Antioch, Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond, and San Leandro, resulting in revenues over $25 million.

Lynel provides consultation services to investors interested in flipping for a profit and project manages the rehab of properties, in order to maximize profits. Lynel provides sellers & buyers a robust service to maximize individual real estate transactions, by providing representation in real estate and originating the loan. Finally, Lynel is an author with a strong social conscience.

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